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CAMPAIGN 'endangered species'

on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 13:26


This letter has been shared with an NGO for their fight in the protection of animals.

To my colleagues, healers, shamans, marabouts, and their clients,

Unlike some may think, some persons in the West, like me, have also maintained the traditions you are following.  Like many of you, I am profoundly dismayed to see how some animals are massacred to the point of threatening the survival of their specie.  Or else they are treated cruelly, kept in small cages for display, own pleasure or for show in circuses.  More generally their survival is threatened by destroying their natural habitat.  The same applies for many plants as well.

As healers, you know that the power of animals resides in the Devas (or spirits) of their species that protect them, not in the animals as such.  However, Devas are very angry to see how some massacre to extinction their representatives on earth.  Not surprisingly, some of you probably know as well that when animals are mistreated in any way, they become poor (if not bad) food. 

Devas thus recall us that A PICTURE OR SCULPTURE IS PREFERABLE in order to connect with Devas, while addressing a small prayer to them.  Devas will bless us with the qualities of these animals, not the animals themselves, which function as messengers or representatives.  Hence, keeping or consuming a piece of them for healing, as some still do, is counterproductive. 

Instead of selling parts of animals, merchants may more usefully convert into selling pictures of them, while helping protect them and their natural habitat.   

Devas urge us to stop with these destructive (or cruel) practices, especially since many of these species are at the brink of extinction : tigers, rhinos (for their horns), bears (for their bile), sharks (for their fins), elephants, some snakes, whales, turtles, hypos, some song birds, great apes, and many others.   

Our ancestors made a deal with the Devas, that many of us are no longer honoring : Nature will provide for us if we respect and care for her -- taking only a small fraction of available stocks, avoiding cruelty and waste, preserving the durability of wild species living freely in their natural habitat. 

Devas are reminding us to keep honoring this ancient pact, if we wish to keep benefiting from their help (which extends far beyond healing).  More generally, we can optimize their assistance by undertaking various actions for them, that is, for the protection of the environment.  This is how we can thank them for their generosity.     

Some of you know all of this already, as Devas have certainly contacted you as well.  Hence, I wish to thank you to help spread and implement this message, because time is short.

Copyrights, Maryke Dessing (Malaïka), 25 Jan. 2013, Switzerland